Soccer jerseys

Heyyyyyy everyone. It’s been a while… I’ve gone through some big changes with my job, location, housing, pets, everything! Soccer can be fun to follow and is easy to look good while doing it. Football jerseys are pretty oversized and basketball jerseys can look a little baggy too. Soccer jerseys look sharp and are pretty gender neutral, which is what I like.

If you are going out to watch the game, I recommend pairing a jersey with some jeans or cloth shorts. Anything else and it will look either too formal or too much like you are heading to practice yourself.


Here’s me in an old Greece jersey and some new J. Crew shorts.




I’m wearing cans but you could definitely sport some clean looking tennis shoes.

Let me know what you think!


Men’s Shirt Alert: Native Youth

I call this my perfect pride shirt.

About the fit: I have some hips going on but I actually make a conscious effort to try to keep my waist to shoulder ratio as small as possible. I’m 5’3 and usually get the sleeves shortened, bottom hemmed, and sides taken in every shirt I wear. This shirt, however, needed no hemming. It was another slim fitting shirt from Urban Outfitters. I have referenced this store previously, as men who shop here typically wear their shirts shorter and slimmer than most.


I like the short collar.


It is from Native Youth and has a cool pocket.