Hey everyone,

I recently watched a US women’s soccer team game and had a blast. I know I recently posted about soccer jerseys and wanted to expand on the sports theme a little more. A lot of people watch the Olympics together and given that it’s usually in the evening at a sports bar, your 4th of July fun clothes may not exactly fit the setting. 

The US teams this year are sporting some darker hues of red and blue. You can pick up Olympic gear at most sports themed stores and basically any brand.

 I got this Nike youth “trucker” hat. It’s not the typical trucker style with the net backing. It’s more of a mesh look but made with dri-fit material, which I think it’s pretty cool. 

Youth sizes tend to fit my head better and have shorter brims which honestly look natural. This isn’t my first youth hat. Check them out especially if you feel like regular ballcaps tend to sit too low on your face or have to much extra space up top. 

Signed by Tobin Heath 😍

I didn’t get a picture of her signing my hat, but I asked her sign it while I was wearing it and she did. She seemed very, very nice. 


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