Workout Post #1



My advice on workout clothes is simple: don’t spend a lot of money on them. The more money you spend on workout clothes, the more it looks like you are there to look cute and not be serious. You can make an effort to look cute everywhere and all the time, but if you do it in the gym you honestly look silly. Everyone can argue with me and say you can look cute and work hard- and its true, but why? The gym is where you are supposed to show the side of you that is hard core and no nonsense. That’s why you are there in the first place: to do work, not to impress people.

What I recommend is definitely the casual “I’m not going out of my way to look great while I sweat through these clothes” look. This entails not being dressed head-to-toe in the most flashy or logo bearing items. The people best dressed in the gym are the regulars, and they are not wearing $100 flashy gimmicky items. They are typically wearing shirts from fun runs, hard core runs, old softball club shirts, swimming finals shirts, charity event shirts, volunteer event shirts, and other free t shirts. Why? Because you are going to sweat through it and get pit stains within the year. You’re going to get the rust from the bar on the shoulders while doing squats, and the dirt from the floor on your back while doing sit-ups. The number one way to look like you never go to the gym and don’t belong there is to wear head to toe brand names. The best way to look like you fit in the environment is to wear shirts you don’t mind messing up and show proof you are active in some way.

If you get this, then let me add that you should add some color. There are in colors in workout clothes right now it’s highlighter type stuff and don’t be afraid to add it. Seasonal colors do not apply to workout clothes and adding a bright color makes you look fun. You can really not go wrong. This rule applies to working out, skiing, and swim suits all year round.

Shorts/yoga pants and shoes can all be fancy if you want but, my advice, don’t piece together the fanciest outfit.



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