Enjoy November!

Hey everyone,

November is a great month for women wanting to wear men’s clothes and here are the simple reasons why:

  1.  Textures: Jeans, leather, cords
  2.  Patterns: Plaid, stripes, camo
  3.  Boots, beanies and scarves can come back out
  4.  Layering can make it easier to wear men’s clothing because it hides the curves/chest shape with every layer, making the top layer look like a great fit

Other things to do in November:

  1.  Make a butternut squash pizza
  2.  Try some harvest, cider, or pumpkin beer
  3.  Buy turkey tofu and try it out with a recipe. Then compare the taste to what you think regular turkey tastes like
  4.  Buy some fall looking flowers
  5.  Make something using cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or pumpkin. Possibly a pumpkin pie?
  6.  Rake leaves into a pile and admire how great you are for doing it
  7.  Work out so you don’t feel bad about what’s going to happen later in the month
  8.  Take a picture that captures a great fall moment and comment with it 🙂
  9.  Watch a football game even if its not your thing. Or at least watch the new Hunger Games
  10.  Go on a walk where the leaves are turning and take a picture of the prettiest one. Mine is here:



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