Holiday outfits from “Art of Manliess” blog

The more formal the occasion is, the more gender specific the clothing is. For example something really informal events call for a t shirt and jeans. Then as you go down the line to more formal events, the harder it is to look androgynous without looking out of place. When it gets super formal, I give up and get a dress that covers everything easily.

The art of manliness website is a place I go get some inspiration for the androgynous look. I look at that and some other men’s fashion posts in order to see how I can mix it up for my own taste and body type. I hope I’m giving them enough credit because this entire post is adding some commentary on their post. They created this great holiday outfit guide seen here.


Alright, so my edits:

Thanksgiving outfit: No changes you should know by now this is my favorite fall look.

Office holiday party outfit: While this look can work for a lot of people really well, it doesn’t work for me. Personally, the sportcoat over the sweater look is a little too masculine and bulky. That being said, wool pants and oxfords are a great holiday look. I would pair this bottom look with women’s pants and with a more feminine sweater.. like a Cambridge cable. Also, I will go ahead and say I really do not like the argyle style. I think it’s VERY overdone and is very 10 years ago… if not 20 years ago. I remember thinking I was cool wearing it in middle school.

Christmas party: I definitely agree with the whole look. I am not a tie wearer but this would be an occasion to wear a fun one. If it is more of an informal party I would also suggest wearing some sort of Christmas sweater. Not the ugly sweater top, really, but ….similar and hopefully cute. It’s the holiday season -get into the spirit by not wearing a plain v neck that you wear any other chilly night. To clarify… not this:


But this:




I do not own these photos I stole them from a google image search. I’ll post my own soon. Probably a whole sweater inspiration album -I love them so much.

Definitely love the Christmas day look. Every single last part of it. Wear the hat, wear the moccasins, definitely wear the sweater! Jeans are fine but if you are more casual joggers are good too.

Hope you like-y. Comment with your thoughts or message me with some similar looks on women I would love to see them. Also let me know if I’m doing this whole giving credit to the sources thing alright. Thanks!


Basic Lesbian in the Fall

Let me caveat this post by saying: We have all seen the “basic” lists. The original target was not the women, really, but the consumer culture associated with fall. Some are meant to be funny, some are meant to be insulting. The below list is meant to be funny and, yes, it’s based off stereotypes and has nothing to do with fashion but, whatever, just grab a drink and lighten up.

List of basic lesbians favorite fall activities

#1. Wearing plaid and beanies

#2. Falling in love with a straight girl that confused you because she, too, was wearing plaid and a beanie

#3. Getting way excited for Oktoberfest activities

#4. Not shaving because you’ll be wearing pants all winter… unless you think you are going to get laid.

#5. Carving a pumpkin into something clever (to you anyway) and saying shit 100 times


#7. Taking a crush to a haunted house maze and realize you keep throwing her at the monsters and this was probably not the best move

#8. Taking on a DIY project

#9. Having a bonfire get together and feeling like the queen of the fire

#10. When everything is done, we love the sense that it’s time to hibernate with our old pal Netflix

Comment with your additions to the list!



I bought a set of three sweaters from an older lady who knitted them personally. She was selling them in her little shop outside of a tourist spot, and they were remarkably affordable. They are also a little thin so I would probably wear a thin sweatshirt under it if I was wearing it out in chilly weather.



Here is the sweater in action. I was incredibly hungover.


Fancy day at work

I had to wear nice clothes for an important work thing today. I think suspenders and bowties and other “dapper” stuff looks tacky in the workplace. I’m not messing around at looking professional for work things. So here we go!


Banana Republic women’s shirt bought from the outlet mall under $50.



And here are some Banana Republic pants. They are dark blue and Martin fit. I got my pants up a size up than what fit my hips because I’m not trying to have my professional work pants fit like yoga pants.


Wore them with my aldo maroon leather monk strap shoes.


Looking cool selfie sticking it near the deoderant.


So there is my semi masculine but professional outfit put together from 100% women’s clothes.

Too masculine? Well, you could add pumps or heels, get a pencil skirt or tighter slacks, get a silk shirt, or switch it out with a more flow-y blouse, other than this structured one.

Enjoy November!

Hey everyone,

November is a great month for women wanting to wear men’s clothes and here are the simple reasons why:

  1.  Textures: Jeans, leather, cords
  2.  Patterns: Plaid, stripes, camo
  3.  Boots, beanies and scarves can come back out
  4.  Layering can make it easier to wear men’s clothing because it hides the curves/chest shape with every layer, making the top layer look like a great fit

Other things to do in November:

  1.  Make a butternut squash pizza
  2.  Try some harvest, cider, or pumpkin beer
  3.  Buy turkey tofu and try it out with a recipe. Then compare the taste to what you think regular turkey tastes like
  4.  Buy some fall looking flowers
  5.  Make something using cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or pumpkin. Possibly a pumpkin pie?
  6.  Rake leaves into a pile and admire how great you are for doing it
  7.  Work out so you don’t feel bad about what’s going to happen later in the month
  8.  Take a picture that captures a great fall moment and comment with it 🙂
  9.  Watch a football game even if its not your thing. Or at least watch the new Hunger Games
  10.  Go on a walk where the leaves are turning and take a picture of the prettiest one. Mine is here:


Please comment on this one!

Ok before I say too much… just look at this and decide if you think this is a good look for a lesbian.


Alright, now that you have decided let me tell you more about it. I started with this base layer,


Just a cream colored shirt, black levi jeans, and a beautiful necklace courtesy of my girlfriend.


For accessories I have a bulova watch with a hairband and cat scratch. Hairbands are the universal lesbian club bracelet and cat scratches mean VIP member.


Now… my grey Clark’s desert boots and a $5 thrift shop sweater. What?? A thrift shop find post? Yes. Stuff you find in thrift shops can be very similar to the stuff you find in Urban Outfitters. The main difference is about $80.

What made this item stand out to me was it’s shades of blue pattern. It kind of looks like a grandma sweater with how it’s woven pattern. On the other hand, it’s cut is like a motorcycle jacket. I can’t do leather motorcycle jackets, personally. It’s too over the top butch for me, especially because I’ve never so much as rode on a moped. But having that style as a sweater? Let’s try it out. Here are some more pics so you be the judge and let me know if this was a good look or a total flop.







Ps these are not my sunglasses.

My mom hates this sweater

A Koto sweater! It’s loud and fun. It’s a men’s xs.


It is thick, heavy, and probably the most durable thing you can get in terms of knitted sweaters. It’s deep red, blue, and orange on the collar, button placket (button line), and pockets -white and black elsewhere. VERY soft. You can wear it with something traditional to balance out its loudness. If you never wear anything like this, consider starting. They are conversation starters and make you look approachable. If this sweater is too much you can try a loud shirt and cover it with a solid color sweater … just leave it unbuttoned to still show the pattern. I’ll post something like that later this week.




What do you think?