Koto flannel

Drumroll please… the Koto flannel!! It’s a men’s shirt but fits me nicely with no tailoring! So I have 3 Uniqlo women flannels, which fit nicely. But, women’s shirts typically fit me a little light tight around the back, shoulder, and arms while men’s shirts are tight around the chest and hips. This XS size Koto flannel has none of these issues going on. Check it out!



I’m too shy to show my eyes I guess


While I’m on the topic (of how I hate how women’s shirts are tight around my shoulders), they really constrict my ability to move. Not only that but they are shorter and let cold air up easier. When twisting around swinging my arms in the fitting room, and complaining in a women’s shirt, my old roommate and fashion guru used to say… why in the world would you need to reach and move your arms like that? Um! What is if have to pick up a big pumpkin.. or scrape ice of a windshield.. or cut down a tree? Men’s clothes are practical which I like which can also include warmer. To the straight girls reading this… consider it! 🙂


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